Info for Kids

Your body is your own and you have the right to know ALL the safety rules about your body. It's OK to give your mom a hug or hold hands with your dad. You can also pet your dog. These are considered "good touches."


There are also "bad touches." These are touches that hurt, make you feel uncomfortable, confused or scared. You can tell people that you don't want them to touch you. You can tell people "NO" when they touch you in a way that hurts your feelings or hurts your body. Your body is your own.



Here is a list of safety rules you can use when it comes to protecting your body:

  • It's MY body and I have a right to be safe!

  • I know I can tell my parents or an adult if I feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.

  • It's NEVER my fault!

Adapted from "Good Touch /Bad Touch" Prevention Curricula, Prevention & Motivation Programs, Inc.