Every Georgian can play a role in preventing sexual violence.


A one-size-fits-all approach to prevention, though, typically does not bring positive change to every community – especially in a state like Georgia, where large urban centers, small rural communities, and everything in between are driven by distinct sets of socio-cultural, political, racial, religious, popular culture, and other influences.


A large body of research demonstrates the need for sexual assault prevention strategies to consider a variety of specialized factors that exist among audiences. And many of these regional and community-specific traits have been in place for generations.


While some of these geographic and socio-cultural factors may serve as drivers of sexual violence, many of them are opportunities that can be acted upon.


GNESA is in the process of identifying stakeholders from all parts of Georgia – and from all walks of life – to support development a research- and evidence-based approach that covers primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies. We are also seeking proven, localized best-practice prevention strategies from across the nation.


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